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Riviera-Ensley Energy Advisors has proven how a third party can play an important role in successfully completing oil and gas transactions. As an experienced facilitator over the last two decades, with documented sales of almost $1.5 Billion, Riviera-Ensley Energy Advisors’ staff has demonstrated its benefit to both buyers and sellers.

If you have Any Size oil and gas interests (operated, non-operated, royalties, minerals, prospects, or companies) you are interested in selling, we can help to facilitate your divestiture with Qualified Buyers Looking to Acquire Properties.

To discuss how our packaging, marketing, and sales strategies can assist you with your sale, complete the Registration Information form at the link below or simply call our office at
(713) 622-7332 to discuss your project further.


1. Compilation of Data —
All information pertaining to the divesture is organized and studied. The Seller provides well data, pricing, contracts, revenue accounting, legal descriptions, depth and ownership restrictions, field information, geological write-up, working & net revenue interest, engineering studies and/or evaluation if available. Data should be provided electronically where applicable.

2. Preparation of Sale Package — We develop a package that presents the key information related to the assets of the offering. The Elements include an overview of the property, field summaries, curves, logs, lease and well information, LOE’s, geological overview (PUD, PDNP) & upside, terms, and effective and closing dates.

3. Access Prospective Buyer List — Analysis of our Qualified Buyers Network will determine which buyers are most likely to express an interest in acquiring your assets. Buyer profile data is searched to help determine the most qualified buyer for your specific divestiture.

4. Distribution of Notification of Sale — We distribute the Notification of Sale to operators, companies, investors, pension trust funds and other groups (1,000 to 1,500). The property sale notification and sales package will be available on Riviera’s website (www.rivieraensley.com) and other Oil & Gas marketing networks to ensure complete industry awareness of the sale.

5. Package Distribution — We then distribute the package (FedEx, mail, or hand-delivery) to companies responding to the Notification of Sale. Ongoing dialogues with buyers are maintained during this process. Contact is important in order to ensure that necessary information is received and all questions are addressed in order for buyers to evaluate the package and make offers.

6. Due Diligence Process — A Notice of Data Room and Property Inspection Appointments is sent at this step. We begin scheduling data room appointments and field inspections. For your convenience, Data Room Presentations are held at Riviera-Ensley Energy Advisors’ office.

7. Reminder Notification — Offer Deadline Reminder Notices are sent to all buyers (via fax, email and phone calls) who requested the package. Notices are sent approximately seven to ten days prior to the offer deadline date.

8. Offer Deadline — Offers are received and reviewed. The top bidder is contacted and the process continues to complete final due diligence including the providing of an earnest money deposit. This is followed by the last stages of the sale process and the preparation of transfer closing documents.

9. Closing

10. Begin Next Divestiture Package

If you have any questions please contact us at
Riviera-Ensley Energy Advisors.

550 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 540
Houston, TX 77027

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